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LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City UT USA

In February and June, 1991, the LDS Family History Library microfilmed the research collection as it was assembled at that time. They retain the original silver halide negative nine-reel set of microfilms in their underground storage facility at Granite  Mountain, Utah and have made diazo positive duplicate reel sets for distribution to their branch libraries throughout the world.

At the time of the filmings I was provided with one silver halide negative copy of the nine-reel set and four additional nine-reel sets (positive diazo copies). These five sets have been retained by me and my family.  


Sets of the microfiche of the CIVIL WAR DIARIES OF WENTWORTH DOW  have been distributed to the following:

bulletL P Fisher Public Library, Woodstock NB Canada - two sets
bulletState Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison WI USA - two sets
bulletProvincial Archives, Fredericton NB Canada - two sets
bulletJuneau County Historical Society, Mauston WI USA - one set
bulletPublic Library, Mauston WI US - one set
bulletPublic Library, Marshfield WI USA - two sets
bulletNew Brunswick Genealogical Society, Carleton County Branch, Hartland NB Canada - one set
bulletBurton and Jack Dow, Klamath Falls OR USA - two sets
bulletEdgar L. Dow III, Walnut Creek CA USA - one set
bulletHubert R. Bryant, Lower Brighton NB Canada - one set (after his death, given to the Fisher Library in Woodstock NB)
bulletDan Jenkins, Nepean ON Canada - one set was given to Dan Jenkins for his use in preparation of this Masters Degree thesis. After he completed his work, he donated this copy to
bulletNational Archives of Canada, Ottawa ON Canada - one set
bulletGeorge H. Hayward, Fredericton NB Canada - one set


The Family History Research of Gerald Wayne Dow in its entirety exists in print or hardcopy in two sets only, both of which have been retained by me and my family. One set consists of the original source document and compiled records collection that is stored in archival sheet protectors in archival storage binders. The second set consists of a complete photocopy of every page of the first set which has been used to produce the microfilms and microfiche. The second set is unbound and in my possession. 

The only portion of the collection that has been produced in print or hardcopy and distributed to others are the Civil War Diaries of Wentworth Dow, mentioned immediately below:

bulletBurton and Jack Dow, Klamath Falls OR USA - two hard copy sets

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